Louise Mulgrew Illustration
Hello :) I'm Louise. I have just graduated from Loughborough University with a First Class Honours in Illustration. Please head over to my website for more of a formal portfolio or my instagram for fun stuff!! I adore elephants and have just written and illustrated a picturebook about a special little ele with a very troublesome trunk which is going to be published as an app with the wonderful Box of Frogs Media!

Summery pimms-pitcher

21st birthday card making for a tired birthday bear


Close up


The workspace mood-board!


So here’s me after a stressful day of paper letters refusing to stick to the display boards!

And with the proud parents :)

And with my boys (minus Nick) who have put up with Tibbo taking over the lounge for the whole year 

ooop and there’s Tibbo’s biggest fan reading the top trunk facts

And one of the prints close up (beautiful quality giclee prints, window mounted - for sale)

Well that’s that. Degree over!!!

Picturebook Bound!

Big and Little.

Storyboarding (finally)

These are a couple of examples of my storyboard images with the text (not in order).



A couple of my favourite finals for Macmillan

(that are still likely to change before I submit them! especially the second one) 

A few flowery things recently

A sunny sunflower commission: 

(before firing) 

Some pansy coasters as a gift for my boyfriend’s parents:

And a little thank you:

(these flowers don’t really have a name)