Louise Mulgrew Illustration
I'm Louise. I'm a third year Illustration student. This is a blog full of the illustrations and ceramics that I do. I love elephants - so I'm making a picture book about them at the moment.

A couple of my favourite finals for Macmillan

(that are still likely to change before I submit them! especially the second one) 

A few flowery things recently

A sunny sunflower commission: 

(before firing) 

Some pansy coasters as a gift for my boyfriend’s parents:

And a little thank you:

(these flowers don’t really have a name)

Sneaky peak

Sneak peak of one of the finals for my picturebook.

Lindfield Arts Festival Map Designs

Eles eles eles


Really must stop using the paper as a pallet!! makes the whole image look messy!! Naughty me. 

Character Development

I love love character development!! 


This is Bonsai, my baby elephant orphan and she is going to be the star or my picture book


And some eles holding tails ‘cos they’re just so cute


A first and some eles

Got a very lovely First for my practical work last semester and am now straight back into semester two with some picture book preparation (about elephants of course).  I don’t know of many elephant characters other than Elmer, Babar and Dumbo which I am happy about because I won’t be influenced by anybody else’s character design.

Have done an initial storyboard which I will run by Mum soon and which will no doubt develop and change, but I think the essence of it is there! I haven’t drawn many eles before, other than on ceramics, so I spent the afternoon on some quick pencil sketches.